Brendan  Paulus

Brendan Paulus

Personal Trainer

Max squat: 385

Best mile time: 4:55

Best standing vertical: 36in.


Bachelor's degree in Nutrition

MHSAA certified athletic coach

ACSM certified personal trainer

PCIP certified S&C coach

About Coach

Growing up, I played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I played all 3 sports all throughout high school, and I played lacrosse at CMU, so I have had a very active life. I was a captain on every team I was on, and I began coaching for CMU the season after I graduated. I plan to continue playing in recreational leagues until my legs no longer work.

Turning Point

The hardest part of my athletic journey was an injury. In the first quarter of my first game of my freshman season at CMU, I tore my hamstring on a breakaway. It was excruciating, and it was bad enough to keep me out all year. Additionally, I re-injured it 2 more times, so it ended up keeping me out for 8 months total. It was a terrible experience, but I learned the importance of warming up and preparing your body for intense exercise. Poor diet and lack of preparation led to this injury, so I made sure I'll never have anything like that happen ever again.

Motivation & Passion

My passion for coaching revolves around sports. I believe that the most success comes from discipline and internal motivation, not external motivation. However, it takes time to build those traits, so it is on the trainer to provide encouragement and proper information on form and purpose. Personally, I am most passionate about coaching sports and teaching the lessons that go along with them. To me, there is nothing like the physical intensity and social aspect of sports.

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