Jalen Schoenborn

Jalen Schoenborn


Deadlift: 245lbs

Bench: 115lbs

Spartan Race Finisher

River Bank Run 10k Finisher


Bachelor of Science- Health Administration

In Progress- Nutrition Coach Certification

About Coach

I have had a lifelong passion for fitness and competition. As a kid, my mom and I would drive all over the Midwest for weekend soccer tournaments. When the time came, I played four years of collegiate soccer at Davenport University. There, I earned my bachelor of science degree in Health Services Administration.

Turning Point

After finishing school I had to ask myself what really makes me happy. The answer was going to the gym, coaching high school varsity teams, and leading strength and conditioning training sessions. Since then I’ve devoted myself to training others and helping them find joy in working out just as I do. My favorite thing about my job is seeing growth within each client. I love the smiles on their faces when they run further or lift more than they thought they could.

Motivation & Passion

Living life to its fullest is about growing and testing your limits. It’s something I discovered when I left my desk job to do this. And that’s how I have developed my personal training philosophy: Fitness should be accessible. It doesn’t have to be intimidating and people shouldn’t need to go on crash diets or do crazy binges at the gym to feel good about their progress. I fully support creating a fun and safe environment to exercise with none of the stress.

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