Kaylee Phillips

Kaylee Phillips


Fastest mile: 5:10

Fastest 800m: 2:19

Deadlift 225

Back Squat 135

Bench 115


Bachelors Degree. National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

About Coach

I grew up playing soccer in a national league and ran track in high school where I qualified for regional and state competitions. I was recruited for both sports at Michigan State University. I played soccer there for 3 years and finished up my last year of eligibility at Cornerstone University where I now am an Assistant Coach for the Women’s Varsity Team. During the summers in college, I traveled to different countries to play. I now coach and train college-level athletes with the passion and desire to guide the next generation towards success on and off the field, and continue to help people use sport and fitness to honor themselves, set and achieve goals, excel past their limits, and use movement as an opportunity for growth and community. I am now working towards other certifications and a Master's degree in Sports Psychology to continue to grow in my coaching and help the people around me grow into who they were crafted to be.

Turning Point

I grew up as an athlete that was subconsciously taught that my worth came from my performance. I had great days when my performance was excellent and struggled with anxiety and depression when I did not meet a specific standard. The internal battle to continue to try and measure up to an impossible idea of perfection crippled me with anxiety and wavering self-esteem. When I got to college at Michigan State I had a great freshmen year and was excited to keep pursuing success and glory at such a high level up until a hip flexor and knee injury that forced me to sit out for the next season. During that time I began to discover how my performance as an athlete was destroying my sense of self. When I couldn’t play I did not know who I was. I began to use that time to invest in different areas of my life such as my faith. It was through learning about God’s love for me through Jesus that I began to realize I am more than an athlete or a student. I began to internalize that no matter how well or poorly I performed God’s love and plan for my life would not alter, because of his stability and not mine. When I returned to play I was able to play more confidently until I confronted another trial of an ongoing illness that affected all parts of my body. It was through this sidelined time again that I allowed myself to grow in character and other aspects that I would not have been able to focus on if I was training. All of these setbacks in sport have shaped me into a servant leader, have helped me grow in humility, has deepened my perspective that there is more to life than fitness and sport, that everybody has a purpose and can work together in accomplishing that, and so much more. I am excited to keep learning and walking alongside others on this journey!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to serve and lead people into who they were created to be. Fitness and sport are vehicles for a greater purpose, and my goal is to help people find freedom in working on those platforms for whatever goals and desires suit them. Whether that’s preparing for a competition, staying fit for life, or working towards a college or professional career in sports, I’m here to facilitate and guide people in the process of their choosing, as my skills and experiences allow me to.

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