Zach Skogheim

Zach Skogheim

Owner & Vibe Manager


About Coach

I’ve been an athlete my entire life, getting really serious about the track in high school and college. Somewhere along the way, weightlifting became a huge part of my training regimen. And as I progressed, learned new movements, and saw the effect that weight had on my life and my performance, I was hooked. Post-college athletics I still had the desire to push myself physically and mentally and the gym became the place I was able to do that.

Turning Point

In college, I really wanted to combine my passion for athletics and entrepreneurship, so I started a running apparel brand. That was a great experience that I did for about 5 years and what really got me into “the business of fitness”. While running that company, an idea sparked to create a gym that modeled the same values that my running apparel brand embodied, while pushing the envelope in the gym space. The Loading Dock was born in the middle of a photo/video shoot at an old historic building downtown that was taking place in their….loading dock. The rest is history!

Motivation & Passion

The passion for helping people accomplish their fitness/health goals has grown exponentially over time. I knew that was a desire of mine, to help people, however, it didn’t fully blossom until I started the gym. Once I was in a place where people needed so much help, and I was actually able to provide it, that’s when it really took off. I am excited to provide the best coaching, facility, and customer experience we possibly can, and are going to continue to push ourselves toward that goal.

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